Oakland and Anaheim (Ain't Divided by the 5 Tonight)

from by B. Hamilton

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  • Label: Parks and Records


The police gunned down Julian
On the porch of his parent's home
Bullets not meant for animals, much less men
The spotlight shines as the winds kick up
And the trees exhale the crows
Tonight gracious living is put on hold

The stretcher carried Julian
From ambulance to morgue
Shallow breathes, yes, but no contest to behold
The hangman gets paid holidays
To legitimize his role
Tonight gracious living is put on hold

The police gunned down Oscar Grant
A man I'd never known
Holdin' him down like dogs, though strength can't be dethroned
By simpletons with cowboy pins
By marksmen who miss their mark
Tonight the bright side of the bay is dark

The boys in black keep pushing me
To burn it to the ground
When I just want to process
What's been goin' down
And raise my glass to good men
Taken down too young
By pensioners and perverts
Who draw their strength from furnished guns

Although we did not speak
And although the end is here
Hey Julian, we finally got that beer
Hey Julian, we finally...

Oakland and Anaheim ain't divided by the 5


from Everything I Own is Broken (2012), track released October 23, 2011
Ryan Christopher Parks SANG and played GUITAR.

Recorded in Ryan's Bedroom on Kempton Avenue, in Oakland.

Written by Ryan Christopher Parks.




all rights reserved